Make Positive Changes Quickly & Easily

Get control back over your life, your emotions, reactions and experiences to find lasting calm, happiness & fulfilment

Expert help for individuals who are suffering with anxiety, stress, past trauma, over reactive emotions & addictions to get control back in their life and find calmness and ease.

My Approach

I firmly believe that everyone is capable of experiencing a life filled with calmness, happiness and fulfilment.

My approach combines unconscious interventions for deep, effortless change with conscious integrations to empower you to elevate your life and achieve success.

A healthy, happy life is built on a strong foundation of mental well-being, and I’m here to guide you.

My rapid approach permanently eliminates anxiety, trauma, addictions & more—without the need to revisit painful past experiences. transforming your life quickly and effortlessly and most importantly on a long term basis!

I’m Katie Brazier, a pioneering Solution Focused Transformation Therapist and I offer a radically different approach. 

Drawing from Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, EMDR, NLP, and other cutting-edge techniques, my proprietary method facilitates immediate, lasting change centered on your future, all without revisiting past trauma.

Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety and Stress

Are you suffering with anxiety or stress? Are you struggling to sleep, switch off, constantly worrying or over thinking. 

Maybe you have some unexplained physical symptoms like heart palpitations or high blood pressure. If so then you maybe eligible to apply for my Calmer and Happier Life Program.

Addiction, Obsessive & Compulsive Behaviour Treatments

Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, or addictive patterns that are holding you back from living your best life? Is it affecting your relationships, work, focus, finances, health, or other important areas of your life?

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy with EMDR for PTSD
My trauma therapy is designed to help anybody suffering from trauma. No matter what your lifestyle or trauma I use the most up to date techniques to help you to move through and process trauma in a healthy way so that you can begin to move forward with your life.

Client Testimonials

Ben Jenkins
a month ago
I highly recommend seeing Katie if you have addiction issues . I went to see her for my cannabis addiction, I have been using cannabis for a very long time and it had taken over my life, but after just a couple of hypnosis sessions with Katie I can finally say I have stopped smoking and I’m ready for the next phase of my life. Thank you so very much Katie. I will be back to work on other areas of my life in the future
Reeny Jean
7 months ago
I have been really pleased with the service Katie provides. She has a great energy and is warm and kind. Her knowledge in mindfulness, hypnosis and wellness is vast and varied. I always came out of sessions having new ideas and approaches to try. Katie is very professional and will make you feel comfortable. Amazing. 5 Stars!!
manjit kalm
8 months ago
Having had the opportunity to work with Katie, it has been immensely rewarding for me. I have gained many skills that allow me to deal with all of life's challenges and difficulties, in a simple thoughtful manner whilst remaining calm and focused. This has helped with my future ambitions.and how I enjoy life. Katie, is genuinely caring and understanding, she has an amazing range of skills and techniques that will make a life changing difference to anyone she works with. For me its been the best investment I have ever made.
Jane Buckley
8 months ago
I completed Katie's online Mindfulness course and I can't recommend it highly enough. Katie's explanations of the tools we can use are so easy to take on board and she fills you with a sense of possibility and hope. I found her warm, encouraging and genuine which made the meditation accessible and rewarding. I'm not good at meditating but Katie's methods swept me along with her. I struggle to stay in the present and this course has helped me re focus. I feel more hopeful and positive and less trapped in my old way of thinking thanks to Katie's unique, caring, unpressured and genuine approach.
Emma Buffone
8 months ago
Katie has a wonderful warm demeanour which helps you feel comfortable and very safe. I would highly recommend her mindfulness and meditation therapy course. It helped me highlight my emotional triggers that caused me to drink and she helps you deal with your emotions as well as the addiction. Money very well spent. She’s changed my life, my outlook and given me freedom, it’s liberating 🙌🙏