A Calmer & Happier Life

My Calmer and Happier Life Program© is designed to give you practical tools to help you with challenging behaviours, emotions and habits. During eight constructive weekly sessions I will work with you on a one-to-one individual basis or as a couple to help you make lasting and positive changes. 
The programme is designed around the principles of 6 Cs:

•               Calm your mind by living in the moment
•               Learn to Cope in any situation
•               Change your limiting beliefs / Make positive Change
•               Take Control of your unconscious mind
•               Become Capable of anything
•               Live a more Carefree Life

The 8 week programme gives us an opportunity to work closely together to really understand your challenges. Perhaps you want to stop overthinking or learn how to deal with your emotions better? Maybe you want to feel calmer, more positive and less anxious? Perhaps you struggle with reactive behaviours and anxiety?
Over 8 weeks I will work with you, applying different tools and techniques to help you make immediate changes, but most importantly, give you practical tools that will make a deep and lasting shift in your approach to life.
Everyone deserves to live a calm and happy life. With the right resources and support system, you will become more resilient. You will be able to deal with life’s challenges better and feel more in control. 
The Calmer and Happier Life Program© is ideal for anyone experiencing the following:
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Overthinking / Unable to switch off
  • Not able to deal with emotions
  • Sleep issues
  • Over Reactive behaviours (including frustration and anger)
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Depression
It will help you to:
  • Learn to switch off
  • Manage anxiety
  • Sleep better
  • Feel calmer
  • Have more self-worth and awareness
  • Feel more positive
  • Become more emotionally resilient
  • Stop worrying and overthinking
  • Be able to deal with problems better
  • Feel happier
  • To stop comparing yourself to others
  • Build a strong foundation for self-care and sound mental health and wellbeing


A Calmer and Happier Life Program is a proven strategy to deliver you positive and lasting changes.